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I was born in Southampton, NY but I now call Richmond, VA home.

I'm convinced that I was Elvis' youngest fan. This shows you that I have a taste for the finer things and love a good classic.

I make the best champagne cupcakes. A staple recipe is great, but I don't like to settle and continue improving on a good thing until it is perfect.

I've been to five continents. Australia and Antarctica are next on my list. I'm always up for an adventure and thrive when interacting with people of different backgrounds and cultures. 

I've worked in three different museums. There is no better place to brainstorm a new project than a place surrounded by art. I started volunteering at my local museum when I was a child and have been in love with them ever since.

I always want to be somewhere where people matter, where creativity and teamwork are valued, and where impactful work happens. At the end of the day I truly believe that you can be your best self when you're working towards a common goal with good people.